Take your first steps on a fantastic journey. Follow the instructions below.

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    What, Why sync?

    The Orb collects steps, sleep, calorie burn, motion and sends this information to your phone via the App, (check compatibiliy of your mobile phone?)

    Download App

    Download the Fitbug app to your phone from the App Store (Apple devices) or Google play (Android devices).

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    Available on the App store Android app on google Play
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    Select setup mode

    Make sure your Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device before the setup process. Start the app and log in. Press the Devices tab and select your Orb. Then press Device setup and follow the onscreen instructions to setup your Orb..

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    Device set-up is complete

    Remember to keep the app running in the background to synchronize data.

    We hope you enjoy your Bug as much as we do, please get in touch if you have any questions.

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    How the Orb works, sending your data

    There are three ways to send data:

    1. Push mode - Click the button once so the light goes green, this pushes the data to the app. The light will switch off once all the data has been sent.
    2. To Stream your data as you walk, click the button twice. To show itג€™s working, the green light will blink every five seconds.The feature only works with the Fitbug app available on selected mobile devices.
    3. Beacon mode Sends data to your Fitbug app at regular intervals (every 15, 30, 45 minutes). Select Beacon mode on the Device Setup page after choosing your Orb from the paired devices list on Devices page.
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    Sleep mode

    To track your sleep, press the button three times rapidly (3 clicks within 2 seconds) before you go to bed. The light will flash five times to let you know that the sleep mode has been activated. To cancel, hold down the button until the light flashes again. Or walk fifty steps and the sleep mode will turn itself off.

    Please leave in sleep mode for at least 30 minutes or your sleep will not be recorded